Songs by Linda Buckley

The Collection

Linda Buckley and her guitar…


have traveled together singing songs all over the world. Check out her collection of songs on video.

Song Credits

Mom in the Mirror

Written by Linda Buckley and performed by the “Buckley Women” SE Alaska Folk Festival.

Lydia’s Song

Written by Linda Buckley in response to the Exxon Valdez oil spill. It was inspired by one of Linda’s second-grade students, Lydia, whose grandmother lived in Cordova and was affected directly by the spill. All marine life, shorebirds and sea mammals were covered in oil and many died.

Rockin’ the Shipping Lanes

Composed and performed by Linda Buckley. Originally submitted for a contest to promote awareness of proposed cutbacks to the Alaska Marine Highway. This is a set of ferry boats that carry cars and passengers throughout Southeast Alaska due to the lack of roads between those coastal cities. Instead of a “car” highway, it is a “marine” highway.

Back in the Day Song Collection

The first song is “He’s a Mighty Big God” sung by The Destinaires at the Moore Theater, Seattle, Washington 1963.

The second track is “Someone to Care” sung by Linda Miller (Buckley, Joy and Janet Worthington and accompanied by Sheila Vinton.

The third song is a trumpet quartet with Darrel Gardner (Shoreline High School) on first horn, Dave Miller (Linda’s brother, Sealth High School) on second and Bobby Brediger (Ballard High School) on third, (fourth trumpet player unknown) with Sheila Vinton on piano.

The fourth song is a trumpet solo by Darrel Gardner.

Vocal trio and trumpet quartet and solo recorded at Youth For Christ International competition, Winona Lake, Indiana 1962.

The fifth is “Mary Mary” sung by The St. Paul Singers and recorded in 1973. (solo by Terri Morrison)

The final song is “Silent Song through the Land” vocal soloist Linda Buckley. 1973
(saxophone solo Joe Heueisen)

Bear in the Blueberry Song

Written and performed by Linda Buckley.
I wrote a song to go with my book, “The Bear in the Blueberry.” Sending love from the RAIN RAIN RAIN forest!!!

How Could Anyone?

Composed by Libby Roderick, performed by Linda Buckley.