Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View. Columbo, Sri Lanka – What does the crow see from her poolside perch? Three women swoop by in black burkas dark eyes squinting through slits.

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Kayaking in Vietnam

Kayaking in Vietnam

Here I am standing next to my rented kayak in beautiful Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. I traveled to Vietnam with some trepidation since I lived through the tumultuous sixties and lost many friends during the war. We refer to it as the Vietnam War but of course when I was in...

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The Phone Call

An except from a chapter in a soon-to-be-published memoir called, We all Give Up Our Children.

I received a phone call sixteen years ago, it went like this.

“Hello, did you get my message?”

“Yes, but your area code is North Carolina and I don?t know anyone there. I assumed you might be a telemarketer.”

(nervous laughter, then..)

“We shared an event on July 16th

“Were you at the wedding on July 16th in Santa Cruz?”

(I had just returned from celebrating with friends)

“No.” (deep breath) “We shared an event on July 16th in Hawaii”

(then it was my turn to take a deep breath)

“Are you my son?”

“Are you my mother?”


After all these years, the baby boy I handed off to an adoption agency in Hawaii had found me!

My son Bruce, his wife Elizabeth and my three grandsons Nick, Peter and Mattie