About Linda Buckley

Telling my story is like singing a song. One where the eagles, bears and humpback whales chime in with the winds of Alaska, humming in tune.

My Story

Hello and welcome to my website. Having launched my first children’s book, I traveled the west coast from San Francisco to Haines, Alaska on a mini book tour. It became obvious that I needed an online presence. It just goes to show you that even at the ripe old age of 75, you can teach “an old dog new tricks!!”

I am a writer, poet, musician, and world traveler. I have degrees in Elementary Education, Music Education and a Masters in Cultural Anthropology. I am also a certified yoga instructor. I love hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, yoga and traveling the world. I’ve found that the greatest education is sitting with indigenous people around the globe.

I have included a section on poetry which has challenged me to dig into archives and retrieve poems written years ago as well as to continue to write new ones. I have a blog and will attempt to share what’s out my window in this beautiful landscape of Alaska, my home for over fifty years.

I live in Juneau, a small town in Alaska, and in Tenakee Springs, a much smaller village in the midst of wilderness.? Tenakee is only accessible by float plane or boat.? There are no roads, no cars, a general store and a community bath house.? I am the yoga teacher in Tenakee and sometimes sing with the local band.

I have three children and five grandsons.? My firstborn child came back into my life sixteen years ago.? I have been working on a memoir sharing that story.? I thought that would be my first book.? However, my first book, ?The Bear in the Blueberry? came out on November 1, 2019.? It was inspired by the teachings of zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.? I spent many hours studying with him and started the Southeast Alaska Mindfulness Center in 1998 working primarily with families.

The motivation for this website is to provide another way to get my book into the hands of young children. The theme of the book is ?deep ecology? and the interconnectedness of all things.? The response has been overwhelming.? The book is now in its second printing.

I care deeply for the environment and have worked with children for decades to protect our fragile and precious earth.

Yoga Instructor

Movement is Life! For Linda, Yoga has been a part of her daily practice and others have followed.

Southeast Alaskan Life

Recognition & Awards


Poetry Featured in:

Alaska Women Speak Poems http://www.alaskawomenspeak.org


Tidal Echoes


Wisdom Circle

Brief collection of stories and photos of students and tribal elders to celebrate diversity. This publication was made possible with ESEA Chapt. 2 grant from the Alaska Dept of Education.


Host of the Great Outdoors TV Show KT00 | Juneau, AK


World Sacred Music Festival 2000 | Thailand


Juneau Festival Association Winner

The 4th of July, Parade of the Species, Best in Show winner in 2017.

My Books

Saved by the Bell

Activities and songs for young families to cultivate "mindfulness."

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Made of Rain Cover

Made of Rain

Words from the wilds of Alaska

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We All Give Up Our Children

A memoir and love story of a mother and son reunited after 35 years.

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