I heard them first.

Short puffs of air interrupting
thoughts and thimbleberry picking
on a quiet morning walk.

Squinting and searching a
sun splintered sea
I scanned for seals.

But there were no seals.

No sea lions, no humpbacks
exhaling mist across
calm waters at dawn.

Then I heard them again.

Short syncopated bursts
of breath now very
close to shore.

My gaze followed the sounds
and there they were.
A family of killer whales.

Fins flashed with sound.

One black dorsal sliced a path
for the young to follow.
The pod glided down the inlet.

Splashing and rolling,
spy hopping and breaching,
they disappeared into the mist.

Now only sound remained.

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“Instructions for living a life.  Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” Mary Oliver