Scientists rallied to find a fast cure
after all the suffering we had to endure.

The government called it operation warp speed
get those shots in their arms the mandate decreed.

Moderna and Pfizer raced to the finish
our fears and concerns they tried to diminish.

Health care workers were first in line
followed by seniors who were in decline.

I heard of a website where I could sign up
checked all of the boxes and got a time slot.

Called friends to inform them of this good news
but my inner skeptic cautioned me to choose
NOT to be vaccinated in the first round
but wait to see what side effects might be found.

Relatives down south said, ?you?re lucky just do it!?
Peer pressure from neighbors had me go through with it.

An alcohol rub, deep breath and a prick
I looked away for a second it happened so quick.

mRNA shot in the muscle of my left upper arm.
After three days it appears there isn?t any harm.

Now I have antibodies swimming in my blood
and neutralized antigens a veritable flood.

That trip to Hawaii was such a temptation
and now that I?m vaccinated it?s time to vacation.