“Mornin’ ma’am.”

“Hi.” How long will this take?”

“Just five minutes to hook up the modem”

“Ok, could you please wear a mask?”

“Honey, don’t you worry,

I’m as healthy as a horse!”

“But I am worried.

I’ve known some pretty sick horses.”


“Hmmmm, for some reason the wifi isn’t responding.”

— Four hours later…

“Well darlin’ guess I’ll have to come back tomorrow.

Don’t you worry, I’m like a dog with a bone.”


We hit a milestone today.

200,000 dead in the United States from coronavirus.

I wipe down all surfaces with alcohol,

take 5000 milligrams of Vitamin C,

shower and head outside humming a tune.


Humming is supposed to give off nitric-oxide

which kills viruses.

The tune is: “Don’t worry, be happy.”