Today we are entering our third or fourth month of the ?coronavirus?. We are mostly staying at home. We are learning how to zoom around the internet for yoga, classes, meetings, and family visits. Fortunately, we are ?allowed? to go for walks in our beautiful Alaskan wilderness staying at least six feet away from our hiking buddies.

I try to go outside every day. I also pick one ?household? project such as vacuuming (groan) or reorganizing shelves (double groan) or sorting through bureau drawers (does that top really still fit me after thirty years??)

But the most fun project is diving into boxes of old photos and reading poems scribbled on scraps of paper. While sorting through one box I came across a note to the tooth fairy written by my daughter while traveling in Spain. Here it is: ? Dear Toothfairy, My teeth have a sickness of falling out. Donations for this sickness are 10 pesetas. I lost my tooth in a different country, 5 pesetas. My tooth was a large tooth, 20 pesetas. I lost my tooth over breakfast, 10 pesetas. My teeth have a problem of giving me cavities, 10 pesetas for dentist fee. My teeth are crooked, 5 pesetas for orthodontist fee. ONE TIME YOU PAID ME TOO MUCH SO THERE?S NO CHARGE.? In small print in the corner is reads, ?I luv u mom.?

Have a nice day and don?t forget to brush your teeth and floss!!!