What does the crow see from her poolside perch?

Three women swoop by in black burkas dark eyes squinting through slits.

An elderly French couple shout to each other…she reads from the guide book..he responds LOUDLY!! Perhaps they are deaf.

A young family jumps into the pool. The little girl squeals riding on her papas back.

An Australian couple celebrates their 31rst wedding anniversary clinking glasses a sexy glint still alive in their eyes.

An Indian family joins the rooftop sunset crowd. Mother in sari, everyone else in western dress.

A young couple from Portugal snuggle, then light up their cigarettes.

A Chinese contingent arrives dominating the scene drowning out even the deaf French couple.

A woman from Alaska finishes her compelling book “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy, closes it, dives into the pool for one last lap, then emerges refreshed to watch the sunset on the faces of the world.

Crone and crow watch and smile.

Written in Columbo, Sri Lanka