Hello friends and family far and near! I send you the warmest virtual hug from Tenakee Springs, this beautiful inlet cut into Chichakof island and nestled between Sitka and Juneau. May you be well and calm during this global pandemic moment in our shared history.

Lessons from the Past

My grandfather died in 1918 Influenza epidemic caring for the sick in his small rural community in western Texas. ?I grew up hearing stories of how he went from home-to-home with his little black bag helping his friends and neighbors. ?My father was 2 years old when he lost his dad. ?Fortunately, my father did not live long enough to witness this new virus. ?He passed away just before his 99th birthday having survived the great depression and the invention of so many things including the internet. (Read more from my Memoirs.)

Nature Blossoms in Tenakee

I look forward to seeing many of you face-to-face in the coming months. Fortunately, this time of ?staying put? comes on the wings of spring. ?Swans, sandhill cranes, humbbacks and hummingbirds are migrating north unaware of the covid-19 situation. ?The brilliant purple crocus and timid tulips are opening alongside dancing daffodils.

Let?s keep in touch via email and support one another with poetry and prose and humor!!!

Love from Tenakee Springs,