Linda Buckley


Linda Buckley is the author of the Alaskan children’s book, The Bear in the Blueberry.

“Can you see the bear in the blueberry?”

This question is about the interconnections of everything in our environment. Young readers are introduced to this concept in a fun artistic way in the book. Its watercolor illustrations, done by Robin Robbins, reflect the colorful circle of life around blueberries in South East Alaska.

Linda Buckley is an author, environmental activist and songwriter. Her life in Alaska, and travels around the world have shaped her art in many forms including yoga instruction and poetry.

Photo Credit: Mihael Blikshteyn

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Saved by the Bell

Activities and songs for young families to cultivate "mindfulness."

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Made of Rain Cover

Made of Rain

Words from the wilds of Alaska

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We All Give Up Our Children

A memoir and love story of a mother and son reunited after 35 years.

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The Bear in the Blueberry

Author Linda Buckley

Illustrator Robin K. Robbins

seagull with a starfish in its mouth

Life in Tenakee

I’ve started a collection of poems called: “The Morning Raven Report” Today’s report: The glaucous winged gulls are back working the tide line. One of their favorite delicacies is starfish! They are easy to catch. They don’t scurry away. Once the gull has the five...

Apollo’s first birthday

Pictures of toddlers reading my book bring me so much joy!! The proof is in the pudding they say and children ages 1-10 seem to request this book at bedtime!! Those who can’t read yet study the beautiful water colors of Robin Robbins the illustrator. Those who can...


This week jazz and classics returns with several free outdoor venues. Tonight we enjoyed cello and guitar concerts followed by a cabaret. The cellist, Zuill Bailey, said his fingers felt like they’d been dipped in ice water. The Grammy winning guitar virtuoso had...

Winter in April

Just took this picture out my window on April 9th. The temps are freezing and the snow gods are busy. Don’t the kayaks in this photo look sad? Locals are ready to garden and go boating but the endless winter shows no signs of stopping. Climate change is in our face....
dolphins in Hawaii

Dolphins off the bow

Off the Kona coast we sailed out on crystal waters to look for whales. Hundreds of spinner dolphins chased the catamaran leaping and spinning and surfing off the bow.


Linda has written songs to tell stories about her many adventures in Alaska.

This website holds a collection of her recordings on video and audio.


Minus Tide Clams Haiku

Minus tide clams squirt

Tiny geysers salty drops

Seagulls swoop and sup

Linda Buckley signature

Mergansers Mating Haiku

mergansers mating

feeding, flirting and flapping

female feigns disdain


Lessons from Life

Photo Credit: Mihael Blikshteyn